Geometry Dash Meltdown

Ignite the fiery rhythm with Geometry Dash Meltdown! Get ready for uncompromising adventures in this stunning platformer game!

Explore the Volcanic Velocity in Geometry Dash Meltdown

Enjoy vibrant music with every jump and get ready for a journey through the hottest lava of Geometry Dash Meltdown! This enjoyable platform game will put your improvisation and keystroke technique to a rigorous test. If you are a gamer who likes speed and continuous challenges, this is entertainment not to be missed. Are you ready to start uncovering the mysteries in the dark caves of the rivers of fire with terrifying monsters?

Your expedition will not be alone because there is a tiny cube with extreme adaptability. Controlling this character through a series of obstacles and reaching the finish line is your primary mission. In addition, in each round of Geometry Dash Meltdown, there are 3 secret coins. Moreover, there are countless attractive rewards waiting for you to unlock after achieving impressive achievements. Remember that this game is not for players who give up easily. You need to have concentration to promptly give the most accurate navigation commands. Furthermore, practicing many times can also make your skills improve significantly. Don't ever give up!

How to Control

With the typical rhythm-based gameplay of the Geometry Dash series, Meltdown also only requires you to use simple command keys to maneuver the cube. You can use the left-click, spacebar, or up arrow. The functions of these keys are the same so the decision is up to you. Pick a button that you are most proficient at to have a complete experience in this entrancing game!

Dash through Three Fabulous Maps

The Seven Seas - Easy 1 star

Geometry Dash Meltdown's first level, The Seven Seas, takes you on a journey across a series of treacherous waters. Below are a series of mistakes and monsters that can devour your cube at any time. The main terrain in this round is wide platforms and columns. The brick-shaped blocks below the blocks can be moved through, but pay attention to the terrain below to avoid water currents and spikes. The pace of the round does not change between segments but it is still not a simple round.

In The Seven Seas, your character only has two states: the cube and the ship. While the cube can make short jumps, the ship will fly through space. The shapeshifting portal is also the only portal type available at this level. Overall, this is still an ideal round for players new to this game world.

Viking Arena - Normal 2 stars

Viking Arena is a journey in a dark cave with burning flames. The dense appearance of spikes and gears makes the character's range of movement significantly narrow. Players need to pay attention to yellow pads because they are not always necessary, especially in some segments with narrow paths with spikes above. The terrain at this level is characterized by several blocks and walls that move from all sides. This special design will test your ability to improvise lightning.

In this round, your cube also only transforms into the ship form during some flight sections. The end of Viking Arena has a segment with top-notch graphics that best reflects the entire Geometry Dash Meltdown - the race against fire. Gamers can feel the oppressive atmosphere of bright red flames and the fierce pursuit of ferocious monsters.

Airborne Robots - Hard 3 stars

The final round of Meltdown, which is also the hardest challenge, Airborne Robots, has a clear difference in game pace from the previous two levels. You need to be meticulous with each key press to navigate the cube to continuously jump up on tricky high columns. Pay special attention to yellow rings and pads for the most precise movements. The terrain of the round is more complicated because the blocks appear close to each other from both sides. It makes the movement space somewhat limited with countless spikes.

Your character in Airborne Robots will transform into the ball and the ship in several short segments. Gamers need to clearly understand the movement characteristics of each character to promptly switch control methods. Note the constantly shifting gravity nature of the ball state. Each time you click, the character will change the sliding terrain to the opposite side.

Tips to Collect All Secret Coins

In each level just passed, you can discover 3 mysterious coins. Collecting them does not affect your conquest results. However, to completely defeat Meltdown, try to collect all of these coins. Let's take a look at the locations of this item on each map!

In The Seven Seas, three coins appear at positions 22%, 37%, and 81%. The first object is in a split block and you can only detect it when you are close to it. The key at position 7% will help you open this block. The second one requires you to navigate the ship through a short, narrow passage holding a platform in the terrain above to collect. The last coin of this level requires you to drop the character in the middle of a segment with a series of tall columns.

Next, head to the Viking Arena with the coins at 44%, 56%, and 72%. First, you must get the key at 8%, between the two torches. The first coin is in the first ship segment and is right next to the river of fire below. The second object is located in a hidden passage and can only be seen up close. The last one is under a moving platform, right next to where the monsters are.

In the final round, Airborne Robots also had 3 coins at 26%, 67%, and 98%. You need to get a key in the 16% segment to lower a hanging platform and collect the first coin. The second object appeared at the exit of a short tunnel in the terrain below. The last one requires players to control the cube to jump onto two yellow rings and land on a platform with spikes on the underside to get it.

Meltdown Outbreak, What is the Cause?

Concept with the Lava Adventure

All your adventures across Geometry Dash Meltdown's three maps are set on terrifying lava concepts. Players will experience a hot and thrilling feeling with every key press. Besides, the appearance of terrible volcanic monsters also makes your gameplay more heart-stopping than ever. Like a journey from hell, this game is ready to burn out all the best skills!

The Fascinating Soundtracks

All music in Meltdown had the participation of composer F-777 in composing. Lively music with names corresponding to the levels will keep you immersed for hours. That addiction also comes from the unique gameplay with activities that perfectly match the character's music. Feel the ultimate tones for the most precise keystrokes. You won't be able to imagine the bewitching nature of the game if you don't explore it yourself. Who knows, rhythm can save you in an unexpectedly spectacular way.

Two Marvelous Game Modes

Geometry Dash Meltdown also features the same two game modes as in the original game. Players can freely choose one of two modes: normal or practice, to enjoy their journey. In both of these options, all changes to the map are identical. The difference comes from the music and practice mode checkpoints. These checkpoints allow you to continue at the set point closest to the collision instead of having to return to the starting line as in normal. It's a shame that the rhythm section in this mode isn't the official music. To officially conquer the game, you still need to complete the level in normal mode. Therefore, take advantage of the practice mode well to have good results in the main round!

Check Out More Fiery Hell in the Geometry Dash Community

Before Geometry Dash Meltdown, in this universe there was also a "collection" of challenges with the theme of flames. If you are a familiar Dasher, you will probably know the Fire Gauntlet in the original Geometry Dash. In particular, it includes five user levels with a difficulty of hard 5 stars and harder 6 stars.

When it comes to user levels in this famous community, the number is almost limitless. You can find every difficulty level that suits your skills in this game world. To continue the fiery paths with the most overwhelming experiences, try now with The Hell Inferno (an Extreme Demon) by Sohn0924 or Fire Temple (a Hard Demon) by Michigun. The danger and heat of these harsh maps promise to push you into an irresistible adventure.

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